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Blessing shared. Blessing multiplied.

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Share in the happiness of multiplied blessings.

Mona (name changed) delivered a preterm baby girl in Monaco, Europe. As her baby received the best possible Neonatal ICU care, Mona's thoughts turned to preterm babies born in less fortunate circumstances to mothers where no NICU facilities exist.

Wanting to share in her happiness, she reached out to  donate baby care equipment to the Asha Kiran Hospital. Due to her generosity we were able to purchase a baby resuscitation unit and two infant radiant warmers.

And as Mona cuddled her healthy baby girl in Monaco and gazed at the photos of newborn babies in far off Lamtaput, Odisha who lived because of her gift, she knew the happiness of multiplied blessings.

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