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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world"

-Nelson Mandela


In 1994, Asha Kiran started Day Care Centres (later called Supplementary Education Centres) in three villages, with the intention of seeing the next generation educated and grounded in sound values.So far, 275 students have passed through the doors of SEC. 50 have gone onto higher education like para-medical, vocational and diploma courses. In 2010 the first girl to pass 10th standard completed her nursing training. The first entrant into medical college in 2015 caused great excitement. Currently there are 101 students studying in our SEC.


In 2005 the MLE program was started in Bonda and Desiya languages using the linguistics developed for the adult literacy program. The dropout rate for tribal children from primary schools is very high but using their mother tongues and local culture in textbooks has significantly reduced that rate and increased pride in their own cultures.

The MLE programme in Desiya language is presently implemented in 16 villages with 664 students, 51 local teachers and 6 supervisory staff to oversee the regular functioning of the MLE centres.


We plan to start Asha Kendras (youth centres) in villages to increase our engagement with the younger generation especially those who are not within the educational system. However, as more children access schooling, the resources needed for higher education and a wider range of employment opportunities poses a significant challenge to our education department.

Monthly Report
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