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"The aim of education is the knowledge, not of facts but of values."

- William Ralph Inge


Asha Kiran runs 3 multi-lingual education schools (MLEs) in the Bonda Hills with a student population of around 221. Most of the teachers are from the Bonda community and the medium of instruction upto Class 2 is Bonda. After this, Oriya is introduced into the syllabus and by class 5 the children have been bridged over to Oriya and English and are ready to take part in state school education. The teachers are regularly trained by Asha Kiran to strengthen teaching skills and improve their knowledge base.


AKS runs a peripheral clinic in the Bonda hills. Headed by a nurse there are 6 trained health assistants recruited from among the local tribals. Regular visits are made to the 9 villages covered by the clinic. During these vists the health assistants treat minor ailments, monitor childrens weight and conduct health check ups for pregnant women.

Soma lives today to narrate the horrendous experience he had years ago.
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