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Teach them well and let them lead the way.

In 1994, Asha Kiran started Day Care Centres (later called Supplementary Education Centres) in three villages with the intention of seeing the next generation educated and grounded in sound values. In 2005, the multi-lingual education (MLE) program was started. The dropout rates for tribal children from primary school is very high but using their mother tongues and local cultures in textbooks has significantly reduced that rate and increased pride in their own cultures.


Presently, we have 101 students studying in our Supplementary Education Centres and over 900 children studying in our MLE programs in interior Desiya and Bonda villages where government facilities were very poor.



AKS has been involved in community 

education initiatives since 1995 to try meet the educational needs and reduce the high drop-out/non-attendance record of tribal children in schools.

Bondo children (Sunkri) with abacus.jpg


Asha Kiran runs 3 multi-lingual education centres in the Bonda hills, with trained teachers from the Bonda communities (upper and lower) and a student population of around 200.



AKS started a English medium school in 2013 called Asha Kiran Academy with the aim to nurture and develop children to be godly leaders, responsible citizens  and able decision makers of the future.

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