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Surgical Camp story

One of the precious people who Drs. Kalyan and Janaki operated was Mr. Dama (name changed). Mr. Dama is about 40 years old and is from Parajasrimunda village.

Mr. Dama has a long-standing wound on the left leg, and after trying to get it treated in Koraput, he came to the Asha Kiran Hospital in hope of a cure.

When our medical team examined the would they took a biopsy, and the results were that Mr. Dama has a Malignant (Cancer) melanoma of left foot. Mr. Dama was thus advised surgery and since we were planning the surgical camp for mid-March, he was booked for his procedure at that time.

When Mr. Dama arrived for the camp, Dr Kalyan actually advised him to go to a cancer hospital for a flap surgery, and wanted to refer him for this procedure. When this was communicated with Mr. Dama, he was not willing to go to higher centre. In fact, after hearing the suggestion, Mr. Dama quickly came to a point where he was unwilling to to undergo the surgery at all.

After hours of counselling and talking to the patient and his relatives, Mr. Dama agreed for surgery. But he said that he would only undergo the surgery if it was done at Asha Kiran Hospital and not elsewhere.

The story for Mr. Dama is not over, however. He still has cancer, and is in need of chemotherapy and radiation. Our team has worked to try and persuade Mr. Dama to make good choices for his further treatment, but when he was discharged, our team did not get a full assurance that he will make the needed next steps of treament.

Cancer is a challenging disease, and we all want a 'quick cure' with as little hassle and pain as possible. Will you please join us in praying for Mr. Dama - that he will be trully healed in body, mind, heart and spirit? Ask the Lord for him to make brave and positive choices. Pray for his family and care-givers, that there will be peace in their hearts even as they walk together into a challenging future.

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