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Teaching Everyone With All Wisdom


Asha Kiran Society works in areas where schools are either non-existent, non-functional or of poor quality. The drop-out rate of children from schools among minority communities is quite high. Our vision is to see a sustainable transformation within the communities we work in. We believe children are the key to this vision.

In keeping with this vision AKS started an English Medium School in 2013 called the Asha Kiran Academy.


  • To provide quality education in the context of a caring environment.

  • To inspire students to set high standards of character and potential development for themselves.

  • To develop AKA as a model of quality education 

 Tireless teachers of the Academy

 Tireless teachers of the Academy - school's out for summer vacation - so they volunteered to paint the gate under the scorching summer sun. With teachers like these to inspire, the students we produce are going to be game changers...

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