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From Subsistence to Model Farmer

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Dama Chalan is a farmer from Panasput village in Lamtaput block. There are five members in his family. He owns around 10 acres of land. He used to grow paddy, ragi and niger from which the family used to subsist. Then Asha Kiran agriculture CDOs began to visit the village his village. He learned about soil conversation, land fertility restoration work, organic methods of farming, multi-cropping as well as growing fruit trees etc.

In his own words - "After acquiring training, firstly in once acre of plot, I made a live green fence boundary and grew lemon, mango, guava, silver oak, acacia, amla, sandalwood, teak, banana, tapioca, beans, potatoes, chilli, brinjal, ginger, tumeric, tur dal, long beans etc. I could get a good yield from even a small size plot of land and also the fertility of the soil in my plot got enhanced in a period of two years.

After observing this, I decided this year to extend this same practice into another acre of my farm land. I made live green fence. In that too, I wanted to plant more fruit trees as well as cash crops and make use of mixed farming practices. In the days to come, I would like to have my model farm of 2 acres and have a production amounting upto Rs. 1,00,000 or Rs. 1,50,000. Through this I believe that I will be able to enhance the status of my family members upto the next generation which are my grandchildren too."

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