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A ray of hope at the edge of darkness...

Working among Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups (PVTGs) in southern Odisha, our vision is to see, "Just and compassionate communities, choosing and celebrating life".

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Asha Kiran Hospital strives to be a centre of affordable, ethical, whole person and competent health care that is a model of Christian compassion and comfort to the PVTGs of Southern Odisha.

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We empower the Bonda community towards the holistic development, in the areas of health, education, food security through social organization and community participation

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Agriculture is the main source of income for the tribal population but the farming practices are archaic and primitive. So, the land produces very little yield. SALT (Sloping Agriculture Land Technology) and afforestation are being advocated and introduced in several villages. 

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We aim to see the community around Asha Kiran Society equipped for a fuller life through culturally appropriate, community based, holistic education that is relevant to the changing times. 

When I was helpless, Asha Kiran was like a parent to me; when I was rejected they accepted me; when I had no hope they gave me a new hope for life.
- Aiti Kirsani, Gadaba Tribe
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