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Soma's Harrowing Tale.

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Soma, a 7 year old boy belonging to the Bonda tribe of Malkangiri was walking with his drunken father on a rough road in the Bonda hill. The father slipped and fell, breaking a liquor bottle and Soma who was following, fell on a piece of glass which pierced his stomach. He looked down to see his stomach bleeding and a piece of flesh pushed out.

Though he spoke to his father about it, his father was oblivious to everything in his drunken state. After walking for 6 kms they reached home. Despite the pain, brave Soma tried to sleep beside his father who slept peacefully.

At dawn, Soma looked in horror as his whole intestine was hanging out. Now the father sat up and took notice of his son! He was brought to Asha Kiran’s peripheral clinic in the Bonda hills. Since he needed surgery, the staff transported him by bike to Asha Kiran Hospital, Lamtaput which is about 100 kms away and he was operated on.

Soma lives today to narrate the horrendous experience he had years ago. The staff of Asha Kiran staying in the Bonda hills experience these kinds of cases regularly.

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